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Doctor Who: Raising Stakes

Ok, this is a two-fer-one deal this week. Two reviews for one episode. It’s happened before and it may happen again. Here we go. Remember when Psychic Bec™ described the 2017 season’s arc in terms of how each episode would edge … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: All you can do is (step back in time)

I have no problem quoting Kylie Minogue songs if they serve my purpose, and my purpose, once more, is to detail Doctor Who related patterns. I can’t help it, all I see are how these help viewers adjust to the … Continue reading

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X Files: X marks the writer

I was always a fan of X Files. At the risk of revealing my age, some series were often enjoyed communally. It was virtually the only thing we all agreed on as  bunch of undergrads, lapping up the ongoing trials … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Deep Breath of Comedy, Confusion and Action

The first episode after a regeneration sets the tone, but is also a one-off. The Doctor gets the opportunity to be vulnerable in ways he is mostly not the rest of the time.  Much of the rest of the cast … Continue reading

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