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I wasted a day

I wasted my Saturday talking to friends and thinking about fear and the  future. It was wasted preparing for Sunday, when I helped sew my quilt. I wasted it wandering through a gallery looking at art. I dallied over my … Continue reading

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The zine scene

The State Library of Victoria is an architectural marvel of Melbourne, and a pretty inspiring ‘suppository of all knowledge’ to use an actual quote by a former Prime Minister. It also regularly stages exhibitions. A recent one featured zines. I … Continue reading

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Review: Ideation & Lucy

This year I attended Melbourne’s White Night after years of not. It seemed a little like it had jumped the shark and many attendees were less than impressed. The highlight was Ideation at the State Library of Victoria, staged in the domed … Continue reading

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Art of Inspiration

Inspiration for writing comes from everywhere.  For me, sometimes it’s found in art. It can be through book illustration, or a visit to a gallery or a library (so much art at libraries), or using my own photographs.  It can be … Continue reading

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A crevice for an idea, Guv’na? Researching a short story.

I’m in research mode right for a short story. I like this bit of the process, this and the editing part. Mostly the connecting of ideas from research is conducted inside my head. A lot of copying and pasting and … Continue reading

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