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Review: Ragnarok-ing the boat

This is the usual warning: spoilers be ‘ere. Yes, of course I saw Thor: Ragnarök. And it’s everything all the reviews are saying. It is funny, and effervescently bright with a taste of somethings 80s, like a good-humoured summer time … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Suspension of relief?

It’s been a momentous couple of weeks in Doctor Who news. The announcement of the 13th Doctor kept me smiling all the way to work (or at least until I began to read responses), while the preview for the Christmas … Continue reading

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Review: Crimson Peak

It’s big news in Australia that apparently Tom Hiddleston is here filming the eleventy billionth Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok. Although, I’m wishing it was just Ragnarok. In a not completely unrelated event, I finally got around to watching the luscious … Continue reading

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Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad felt like a long introduction, followed by a self-generated plot, all to lead up to the next Batman film. I think the writers and producers should have taken notice of the marketing and lead ins for Marvel’s Deadpool and ripped … Continue reading

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Review: this is what’s so civil about war

If you’re going to make a film where the conflict is self-created like in Avengers: Age of Ultron, that’s ok, but to up the emotional intensity and the battle of principles, then Captain America: Civil War is a better deal. … Continue reading

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Review: lessons on appropriation

The Dandenong Ranges, just on the edge of Melbourne, is full of Devonshire tea, tourists and the tallest flowing plants in the world. The other day I visited a particularly green and serene bit: William Ricketts Sanctuary. For decades this artist … Continue reading

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Dead right & so wrong

I don’t have the deep back ground knowledge and appreciation of the mythos behind the current Marvel and DC films. I didn’t grow up with the comics or cartoons, except perhaps the occasional Superman film or Batman outing and before that … Continue reading

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