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Doctor Who: Familiar Smile

If you feel a little like you have seen this episode, Smile, before, it’s because many elements are familiar. It was a standard let’s go to the future, which is a little bit dangerous, in order for you to learn … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Aboard for the New Who Crew

Herewith containeth commentary, analysis, and spoilers. The 2017 return of Doctor Who is solid. There’s oodles of call backs for close watchers, with ancient ones for Classic Who aficionados and lots too for NuWho fans. Beyond all of that which … Continue reading

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Review: Mysterious Super Who

Here be spoilers. The Doctor Who Christmas episode, The Return of Doctor Mysterio couldn’t be and do all to justify an entire year of his absence. Looked at that way, such an episode never could, but it was still enough to … Continue reading

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Passing Strange & another quarrel

Ok, so I went and saw another ‘super’ origin story where an emotionally flawed, but brilliant and successful middle-aged white American man hits a roadblock in life and collapses in a heap. After the inciting incident, he seeks redemption/healing and … Continue reading

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Gettin’ schooled

Some minor spoilers ahead… As best as I can tell, the enthusiasm ahead of the debut of Doctor Who spin-off Class (ABC iView and ABC2 in Australia) has been cautious, perhaps doubtful. Many (me included) would prefer more Who, than … Continue reading

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Review: Star Trek Beyond

A little spoilery, k? On first impressions I probably don’t strike people as the thrill seeking adrenalin chaser type. Bespectacled, literary and socially awkward in unfamiliar surroundings or around new people, I prefer to know what’s expected of me and when … Continue reading

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Foots the Bill?

There’s a new companion in the Tardis, if you haven’t already heard. Pearl Mackie. She’ll play Bill. I’m not about to judge her debut from two minutes on screen. I posit the main difficulty with a completely new companion, is … Continue reading

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