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Writing somebody else’s world

I began a story for a particular call out for submissions. In a keenly felt tragedy of non-epic proportions I lost what I wrote in the first draft mid way through. I managed to start again and finished it. Mind … Continue reading

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Beethoven/Turner (Overdrive)

There’s nothing like writing procrastination research- attending a free gig by three members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performing three movements by Beethoven, while in between Ronald Vermeulen, Director of Artistic Planning, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and John Payne, Senior Conservator, National Gallery … Continue reading

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Stop Crowd Sourcing Imagination

Hearken, ye. Herein dwells the frustrated rant of a writer. I think I’m reaching a critical impatience point with certain types questions some writers ask. Or I’m getting old and crotchety and not jiving with how newbies work their creativity. … Continue reading

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Marginalia Code

I’m not against eBooks or technology. In may ways they are preferable to bits of paper and cardboard. I remember thinking this the last time I moved, for instance. However, there are benefits to physical books for writers. One of … Continue reading

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Navigating the forest of writing tasks

At best, addressing the other jobs a writer is required to do took up an occasional discussion in the writing courses I have completed. I don’t mean day jobs either. I mean the promotion, blogs, virtual or real reader engagement … Continue reading

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In headline news: a story published and a story submitted and a story rejected. I am definitely got the feels all the kids are talking about. Should you wish to read my little story please follow this link. It is entitled … Continue reading

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Winter of Content

It’s been bitterly cold and dark in Melbourne, but the sun has been shining on me this week. I got a present in the mail from the Stella Prize as a thank you for their support. That was unexpected. Nicer … Continue reading

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