100 words before sleep

I couldn’t sleep last night. Not for hours. So I wrote a Drabble for a contest over at 10 Minute Novelists,  and the more likes it gets the more chance I have of winning (renown I think).

I had tried meditating, and saw music as colour, which was not as restful as I needed

I’d tried meditating, & saw music as colour, which was not as restful as I needed.

A Drabble (named for Margaret Drabble) is a story that is exactly 100 words long and this contest had to include three supplied words or phrases. It’s like a crossword without the squares and an infinite number of variations. Think of a story, include the three magic words, and edit until it fits the neat container of the word count. Thus, when wide awake, it’s a tiring thinking task as well as a creative one, with word limits and inclusions as useful boundaries.

After I posted it, I feel asleep, suspicious and listening to the gentle crunch of a light stepper on the lane way gravel outside my window.


About Becadroit

A writer compelled to review Doctor Who episodes and art exhibitions, while also commenting on writing and submitting short stories and working on novellas.
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