Sometimes, a flurry

While waiting to hear back from editors and opportunities, I’ve been submitting stories again. Often writing works like that. A lot of nothing but waiting, or a lot of nothing but editing, or a lot of waiting while submitting. There’s even a lot of writing, in the appropriate moments. It’s cyclical.

Hopes of being published, more believable than a platypus.

Actual chance of being published: more likely than a platypus today.

So, I’m at that point where I’ve learned some big things didn’t happen like I wanted them to. Which is the way of the publishing world. However, in the mean time, other great things did happen. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned stories published in The Stray Branch and also Heather.  Today, in further good news, I now have a micro fiction piece accepted to come out in August in a different publication. I’ll keep you updated for the details of its imminent arrival in due course.

But yay, hey?

Lesson one: this year is four times better than last year, if talking about acceptances.

Lesson two: good news is what comes of checking the spam folder regularly. As well as spam.

Lesson three: It’s been a tough week and this has helped. But to be fair, this kind of news always helps.


About Becadroit

A writer compelled to review Doctor Who episodes and art exhibitions, while also commenting on writing and submitting short stories and working on novellas.
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